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Yours Forest

Celebrating our 400th issue with a Yours Forest!

To mark our 400th issue anniversary we’re planting a Yours Forest – and we’d love you to be part of it!


”A living legacy is something that we all want to leave. For our 400th issue we wanted to do something special, which not only celebrated Yours and our wonderful community, but would also embody the things that you are so passionate about.

We knew charities and the environment are two causes dear to your hearts, which is why we’ve teamed up with community interest company Trees For Good Causes (TFGC), with the aim of planting 400 trees to create a Yours Forest. Each tree costs £5, with £2 of every donation going to TFGC’s chosen charity. This year’s nominated charity is the North Devon Hospice.

“We’re incredibly pleased to work with Yours readers on the Yours Forest initiative,” says Director and co-founder Joanna Benbow. “Protecting the environment along with the extra focus on supporting local causes and charities is something that has always been close to my heart.”

Trees For Good Causes was started in 2021, with the aim of helping individuals and businesses to plant trees, offset their carbon footprint or even donate a planted tree for somebody else. The organisation also helps one charity a year: during the pilot scheme last year it supported Children’s Hospice South West Devon. The North Devon Hospice is its chosen charity for this year.

TFGC co-founder and landscaper Edward Prouse has a background in sustainability and horticulture and was part of the team who built the award-winning RHS Chelsea Flower Show garden Laced with Hope in 2018, for children’s cancer charity Supershoes.

“We’re really pleased to be supporting North Devon Hospice as our charity of the year throughout 2022,” he says. “We would like to get local people involved and can help the local community. There’s a huge feel-good factor – you’re not only giving to charity but helping to fight climate change at the same time. This is where Trees for Good Causes was born.”

Opening in 1984, the North Devon Hospice offering care and support to local people who are affected by a life-limiting illness. The hospice now cares for around 3,000 people every year, offering specialist care to patients at home and in the hospice and support to the whole family. With a radius of 800 square miles, it covers one of the largest geographical areas of any hospice in the UK.

With this exciting new project, the Yours Forest will be planted in November at a site in Devon. We’ll keep you updated with a ‘Tree-o-meter’ for every tree bought by a reader. Species will include oak, bird cherry, hawthorn, mountain ash and guelder rose, ensuring a flourishing new wildlife habitat and eco system in a beautiful part of the UK.

Yours Editor Sharon Reid says: “We can’t think of a better way to mark our 400th issue than to ask the Yours community to come together to help us create something that will have a lasting legacy.

“Your generosity will not only enable us to enhance the environment but also support people who are affected by a life-limiting illness. We’re excited to see the Yours Forest established and look forward to watching it grow and flourish for many decades to come.”

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Plant a tree with Trees for Good Causes
and support local charities
£5 = 1 Tree

How to donate?


Online banking

To donate online, either click on the QR code or scan it with your mobile phone camera. It will take you through a payment fee-free process operating by Crezco. 

Choose how many trees you would like to donate, and please remember to leave your email address, so we can thank you. 

Direct transfer

You can also donate via Bank Transfer directly to Trees For Good Causes CIC bank account Account number: 62171763 

Sort code: 30989


Please address your cheque to: 



If you’d like an acknowledgment of your donation don’t forget to include your contact details

Our charity of the year 2023, where all profits are donated to is:

North Devon Hospice

Sustainability, net-zero and offsetting carbon footprint  


Planting trees is essential- but tree growing is even more important


Planting trees is not the only answer in the fight against climate change, far from it. But, planting trees have many benefits. Trees also help to prevent flooding & erosion, they purify the air, improve soil quality, lower the air temperature, help sustain wildlife and help to protect biodiversity! Now, thanks to TFGC also help to support charities.

However, carbon absorption only works if the growth of the tree is successful- it takes around 20 years for a tree to reach full maturity, with every year, the absorption increases. Trees grow faster and absorb CO2 quicker in their youth, but their density is much greater to absorb more CO2 in their old age. 

The choices you make today will determine your tomorrow

We all need to think about our carbon footprint and ways of reducing it, in some ways offsetting and improving our behaviours for a better future. 

We can help ensure future generations have been protected by us today, and our children can breathe fresh air and not worry about pollution. Planting trees means you make an impact on the future of our planet. But you don’t rely purely on offsetting, make sure you act responsibly now and try other ways of reducing your carbon footprint.


A tree absorbs approximately 25kg of CO2 per year

Yours and Trees For Good Causes CIC
Plant trees North Devon

Yours Forest

Number of trees donated so far by Yours readers

Cool Number

That’s £1,884 donation to North Devon Hospice!