Plant a tree
and support local charities

Trees for Good Causes is a Community Interest Company (CIC) offering tree planting to individuals and businesses.

The initiative also supports local charities.

Why plant trees with TFGC?

Plant trees locally

Trees planted locally in the South West

All our trees are planted in the UK, in North Devon. We secured access to private lands to ensure we could plant enough trees for this scheme.

We would like to plant more trees in other locations in the UK, so if you have access to land that trees can get planted on- please do get in touch!

Appropriate care ensuring tree longevity

All of our trees will be planted with animal protection and supported with a bamboo cane to protect them from weather damage. This is done to maximise the survivability of our trees and increase the benefit to the environment.

Did you know that the spiral guards used to protect our trees help create a microclimate to boost the growth of our trees? They do this by increasing the temperature around the tree slightly, protecting from weed growth competition and can direct water directly down to the root system from rain and condensation.

Only £5 per tree

You can buy a tree for only £5! You can choose how many trees you would like to plant and how often. The donation can be a one-off or a regular monthly donation.

With TFGC you can also gift the tree - for birthdays, anniversaries or in memory of someone. Contact us, and we will provide a certification for your gift donation!

Supporting local charities

But why just plant trees? We would like to get local people involved and help the local community. Have a huge feel-good factor of not only giving to a charity but helping fight climate change at the same time!
We're extremely excited to announce that our charity of the year in 2023, is North Devon Hospice and all our profits will be donated to this charity!

Trees For Good Causes & VW Marshall

Charity of the year 2024- North Devon Hospice

North Devon Hospice

'We are beyond delighted to be involved in such a fantastic initiative! Thank you for shining a light on how we can all protect our environment and for using this opportunity to support our patients and their families.’

So far we donated to North Devon Hospice:

So Far we donated to North Devon Hospice
£ 0

How to support

Buy a tree

Do you have an upcoming birthday, anniversary or you're looking for an eco-conscious gift?
Or do you wish to plant a tree in memory of someone?
Perhaps you want to plant a tree and offset some of your carbon emissions?

Look no further- we are here to help you!
For only £5, you can donate a tree and support local charities!


Help us to spread the word about the TFGC! Sharing is caring- share our posts on social media, spread the word about the cause among your friends and family and let them know how easy is to support us.

Become a supporter

Community matters! Would you like to be involved in the TFGC initiative? Contact us and let us know how can you help TFGC.

Planting Trees in Pictures

In 2021 Trees Were Planted In Support Of Children's Hospice South West And North Devon Hospice

- We Planted The Himalayan Birch, To Mark The 30th Anniversary Of CHSW -

- To Mark 100th Tree Donated Through TFGC - We Planted A Centerpiece Tree ACER Campestre 'Elsrijk -

Our lovely supporters

We are extremely grateful to receive every single donation. We would like to thank everyone who has already supported us! 

This little pot represents the kindness from strangers. We received an email from an amazing couple who heard about our Trees For Good Causes campaign. They wanted to know how they could help. They had collected acorns from their oak tree and potted them up, promptly forgot about them and came back to this. They very kindly donated this pot to our cause. Small acts like this warm your heart.

Thank you Mr and Mrs P.

Some of our Business Supporters

Gareth Cornell, Head of Business at Marshall Volkswagen Barnstaple: ''By donating the in-house cost of our complimentary wash and vacuum to plant trees locally and at the same time, donate to North Devon Hospice, is a very simple way to benefit both the environment and our local community too. It's a small action that can add up to a big difference."
''We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Trees for Good Causes in our centenary year. We understand our responsibility to the planet and the need for us all to work together to tackle the climate crisis. Our aim is to plant 100 trees throughout 2022 and look forward to seeing those flourish.''- said Stuart Howell, Hartnell Taylor Cook Managing Partner.
'We are delighted that we can support Trees For Good Causes and plant some trees to help offset CO2 emissions and fight climate change. We pride ourselves on supporting local communities and are looking forward to carrying on our relationship.' -said Greg Zuchowicz, Exeter Burdens Branch Manager

Celebrating 400th issue of Yours Magazine with a Yours Forest!