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Thanks to Crezco, we can now offer fee-free online payment option, meaning we can donate more to our chosen charities! You can also donate via Bank Transfer directly to Trees For Good Causes CIC bank account number: 62171763 Sort code: 309897

You can also buy a tree via PayPal ‘Donate’ button – you can use PayPal or your Credit or Debit card. Please bear in mind, PayPal collects transaction fees for this type of donations, so consider topping up your donation to cover the transaction cost. 

If you prefer to avoid PayPal  transaction fees, you can donate via above Crezco payment or via Bank Transfer directly to Trees For Good Causes CIC bank account. 

Our charity of the year 2022, where all profits are donated to is:

North Devon Hospice

Sustainability, net-zero and offsetting carbon footprint  


Planting trees is essential- but tree growing is even more important


Planting trees is not the only answer in the fight against climate change, far from it. But, planting trees have many benefits. Trees also help to prevent flooding & erosion, they purify the air, improve soil quality, lower the air temperature, help sustain wildlife and help to protect biodiversity! Now, thanks to TFGC also help to support charities.

However, carbon absorption only works if the growth of the tree is successful- it takes around 20 years for a tree to reach full maturity, with every year, the absorption increases. Trees grow faster and absorb CO2 quicker in their youth, but their density is much greater to absorb more CO2 in their old age. 

The choices you make today will determine your tomorrow

We all need to think about our carbon footprint and ways of reducing it, in some ways offsetting and improving our behaviours for a better future. 

We can help ensure future generations have been protected by us today, and our children can breathe fresh air and not worry about pollution. Planting trees means you make an impact on the future of our planet. But you don’t rely purely on offsetting, make sure you act responsibly now and try other ways of reducing your carbon footprint.


A tree absorbs approximately 25kg of CO2 per year